One of the most active societies, it conducts activities throughout the year for the NITR populace. Right from the Freshers' Party to NITRUTSAV, Literary Society is responsible for the smooth conducting of events pertaining to the literary endeavours of the NITR Junta.



Our belief is that sustainable, informed and globally-minded leadership can help us solve many of today’s challenges. We provide young people with a global platform where they grow in confidence, gain experience and can perhaps fail but learn fast. They discover what really matters to them while creating a positive social impact.

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The club is an initiative by students to promote the culture of oratory, debate and elocution. The club's activities are aimed at enhancing articulation and creativity!It has activities such as debates, group discussions, extempore speaking, panel discussions, raconteur performances and many more!

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COGNIZEN aims at providing political understanding and economic awareness among all.

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E-Cell is an endeavour of NIT Rourkela through the student body to encourage "Innovation,Incubation and Entrepreneurship". The cell is aimed at developing entrepreneural traits among the students,help budding entrepreneurs achieve their goals, as well as engage in some real life projects which could be beneficial to the society.

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HOURGLASS, Toastmasters International-NIT Rourkela Chapter, gives you a platform to expose and enhance your public speaking and communicative skills amalgamated with TMI. The club shall embrace you with a companionship and leadership of fellow TOASTMASTERS from around the WORLD and ultimately give you the perks of learning something new every day.

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Inquizzitive is one of the premier quizzing clubs of our country. One of the most active clubs of NITR, it has brought laurels to the institute every year since its inception in 2009. Inquizzitive also organises Qurios, one of the largest annual Gen quizzes of our country in terms of prize money and participation.

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Leo Club of NIT Rourkela is a coterie that engages in social work in Rourkela. It is one of the oldest and most active clubs of the institution.

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Rotaract is a service club for students of National Institute of Technology,Rourkela who are dedicated to the community and international service.

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Swami Vivekananda Youth Club and Study Circle @ NIT,Rourkela is another milestone towards the development of nation.This page is only the reflection of that.

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This club is a cultural and educational club which trains college youth,corporates and children in principle-centered living and leadership through Drama,Music,seminars etc.

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Yi student Net Chapter of Rourkela is one of the 47 nets of its kind, spread all over the country. Yi club of NITR has evolved to become a premier social awareness club. Its main objective is to encourage leadership qualities among students.

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